Retail Market Overview

  • London has returned to more or less normal with city workers pouring over London Bridge this late 2023 July morning.
  • The West End is back full of tourists again and with a return to the office demand for offices is now growing substantially with more redevelopments planned.
  • Throughout the UK despite the gloom and doom of constant strikes, generally the retail market is good.
  • There are pockets of underperforming towns but gradually redundant retail stock is changing to leisure type uses from games to gyms and of course residential.
  • The main market trust remains retail and High Street and out of town catering.
The way banking is going?
The way banking is going?
  • All the banks are closing of course with any new new style relocations into banks more like fashion shops than traditional banks as they are mainly with only one host to help customers per branch.
  • Many towns we guess now have mobile banks to offer some travelling service.
  • Cash is gradually going out of fashion now unless in rarer ATMs.
London Bridge rush hour
London Bridge morning rush hour
  • The likes of BK, McDonalds, Black Sheep Coffee are driving this push along with retailers like M&S, Oseyo, Lidl and Aldi.
  • The larger regional out of town shopping schemes are fairing well with more brands like Zara taking larger space trying to dominate the market.
  • Smaller enclosed schemes are not doing so well, as many are very outdated and incapable of much adaptation.
  • Many ex-Debenhams and ex-John Lewis have been swallowed up by gyms to Medical Centres to companies like Gravity games.
  • Rents are steady but still best bid tenders in key locations especially in London.
Typical cash points now in stations
Typical cash points now in stations
  • One of London’s latest schemes to open being Battersea Power Station,  offering an electric mix of retailing from the largest Zara in Europe to a new style M&S to another Oseyo opening.
Battersea Power Station scheme
Battersea Power Station scheme
Battersea Power Station, Oseyo new branch, Electric Avenue
Battersea Power Station, Oseyo new branch,
Electric Avenue

Once the poor man of Europe now one of the best!